Summary Sheet Revamp

This client wanted a revamp of their summary sheet. The new version is much more aesthetically pleasing, easier to view and use, and includes additional features.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator

This client wanted a calculator that could she could use with her own clients. It takes in dynamic inputs and calculates the most cost-effective way to pay down multiple credit cards with varying rates and details.

Real Estate Company Dashboard

This client wanted his existing spreadsheet and dashboard improved. I started it from scratch, with the main improvement being the custom date range feature. Other features include things such as being able to dynamically update graphs based on person (instead of having 20+ separate graphs).

Dynamic Search Dashboard

This dashboard for a medical company allows dynamic date range searches and returns the appropriate data. This 17-sheet spreadsheet is also optimized to be able to work with 16,000 rows of raw data input in Google Sheets (where resources are limited).

Medical Reporting Dashboard

A dashboard made in Google Sheets as part of a 20-sheet spreadsheet, for a company overseeing medical records. Everything here is 100% dynamic (updated live).

Google Sheets Dashboard

This Google Sheets project is comprised of 100% dynamic data (no user-input), based on raw data. It utilizes numerous dynamic colouring and is presented in a clean dashboard.

Tutor Scheduler

Private names have been blured out for privacy. This Google Sheets spreadsheet is a timetable for a language tutor. He wanted a search function that would return all the future dates of a particular client, from a certain date onwards.

Personal Training RPG-Style Game

Made in Google Sheets, this was a project for a client who wanted to make a fun RPG-style game for his personal training clients.