Custom Budgeting Spreadsheet

A custom budgeting spreadsheet made for a client's teaching seminars. Entries can be added or removed without having to update anything else

Mobile Power Generator Tracker

An extremely complex spreadsheet (shows only one sheet) that tracks the records, maintenance history, and status of various mobile power generators for a company.

Frontend for Lottery Group

One of several sheets as part of a sophisticated system for a company's lottery group. Tracks all employee's earnings and if they've played or not as well as their personal funds and transaction history. Sends out emails to remind users to pay, can include attachments, offers e-mail customization, etc.

Backend App Script for a Lottery Group

This is a screenshot of some of the backend programming for a Google Sheets document. The client manages his company's lottery group and the spreadsheet tracks all the lottery purchases, winnings, and offers a number of features to easily manage the group, such as being able to automatically e-mail players with a summary of their personal banking data.

Printer Company Dashboard

A dashboard made in Google Sheets which dynamically updates charts based on dropdown selections.