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The Gay B C’s of Intercourse: D Is Actually For Daddy | Autostraddle

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This is
The Gay B C’s of Gender
! Monthly i am determining another sex-related phrase that’s made use of within the queer society. I’m crafting these meanings with help from queer archives, pop tradition, interviews, and. Keep in mind that terminology — specially when you are considering gender — differs widely across communities, without unmarried definition or post can encapsulate every person’s experience with these conditions. Use this line as a jumping off point for your own reflection and dialogue in the responses.

From podcast names like “Call Her Daddy” to words by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Lana Del Rey, the intimate utilization of the word “daddy” is overtaking main-stream media — but calling somebody “daddy” if they’re not really your own dad actually precisely new. Men and women have made use of “daddy” in sensuous scenarios for hundreds of years, in addition to queer area played a unique part in framing the way it’s made use of nowadays.

This phrase has a lengthy, rich background, thereis no means I’m able to paint a total image within one line. We’ll carry out my personal better to give you a brief history with help from daddies and daddy-lovers of the past and gift.

Do you want to find out more? Say, “Yes, Daddy.”

daddy (n.) – a nice-looking (usually prominent, often more mature, typically masculine) person OR a dominant partner which provides control, caregiving, and/or mentorship in A BDSM framework

“Call me daddy.”

— Nick in month 3, Episode 2 of

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Founding Daddies

sexual utilization of the word “daddy”
times about dating back the later part of the 17th millennium. In accordance with

The Random House Historic Dictionary of United States Slang

, intercourse employees began by using this word to refer to “their unique pimps or even to an adult male buyer” in 1681.

Later on, “daddy” turned into an acronym of “sugar daddy” to describe males of various age groups. Johnathan Green, writer of

Green’s Dictionary of Slang

informed in Hook
that in the early 20th 100 years, a “daddy” ended up being a person that supplied women “gender, cash, product pleasures, etc.”

Daddies In Organization Music


Blues Legacies and Ebony Feminism

, Angela Davis writes, “African-American working-class argot describes both husbands and male lovers — and even in some cases female enthusiasts — as ‘my guy’ or ‘my father.'”

Throughout the 20th century, dark American blues vocalists used this type of “daddy” (and sometimes “papa”) inside their lyrics. Here’s what bisexual blues artist Bessie Smith was required to state inside her 1923 tune
“Oh Daddy Blues”

“Oh, daddy, consider if you are all alone/

You are aware that you are obtaining outdated/

You are going to miss out the way we baked your own jelly roll”

And below are a few lyrics from 1924 track
“Farewell Daddy Blues”
Ma Rainey
, another queer blues symbol whom mentored Bessie Smith:

“I’m wild about my personal father, i’d like him constantly/

Untamed about my personal daddy, Needs him everyday/

But I do not would like you, daddy, easily can not call you my own”

Before I move ahead, I want to drive this component residence: individuals which in the beginning popularized the sexual and romantic utilize “daddy” happened to be dark ladies, and several of those women — like Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith — happened to be queer. It is also worth keeping in mind that in Ebony queer communities in the 1920s and 1930s, “daddy” typically known masculine-presenting ladies and transmasculine men and women. Without dark queer women and Ebony trans folks, the term “daddy” won’t became the goals today.

From the Level and Screen

When “daddy” became a common phase of endearment and lust in prominent songs by Ebony musicians, your message made the method into companies which have over the years omitted dark music artists nonetheless marginalize dark writers and singers today. Yep, I’m referring to music theater and Hollywood. Listed below are two examples:

In 1938, the white, queer composer Cole Porter had written a song for music

Let It Rest For Me!

“My Heart Is Assigned To Daddy.”
It is more about a “sweet millionaire” just who provides for the musical’s ingenue (oh, and in the first creation, Mary Martin sang the tune while
carrying out a striptease
). The song hearkened back again to previous descriptions of “daddy” as a monetary provider.

The 1952 music comedy

Gentlemen Like Blondes

leans about same meaning of the term. Within wildly common film, Marilyn Monroe played a showgirl known as Lorelei Lee who is interested to a wealthy guy known as Gus. And what is Lorelei’s pet name for Gus
throughout the movie
? You thought it — father.

But while right, white, cis individuals were gleefully calling their own wealthy enthusiasts “daddy,” a community of leather-clad homosexual dudes were in addition declaring the term as his or her very own.

At The Beginning Of Gay Leather Culture

After World War II, gay veterans happened to be desperate for community, so they
launched motorcycle groups
. These groups supplied companionship and marketed a hypermasculine, “rugged” visual (think Marlon Brando in

The Crazy One

), that has been at chances with homosexual sterotypes in the period. The garments and accessories donned by guys in bike groups turned into signifiers for gay men who have been prepared for discovering kink (leather coats, leather footwear, etc.). Occasionally their particular D/s characteristics took the type of “Daddy/boy” connections, that are still a portion of the leather-based society nowadays.

Daddy/boy dynamics change extensively. While these interactions might involve sex, SADO MASO, and/or father/son character play, they’re not usually sexual (in addition they never include real incest). Occasionally daddies tend to be mentors. In the introduction to

Doing It For Daddy: Short and Hot Fiction About A Really Forbidden Fantasy

, Patrick Califia produces, “a lot of men still have to have difficulty alone aided by the concern, how much does it suggest to enjoy or want another man? What sort of person really does that produce myself? What will it do in order to the remainder of living?” Having a “(Leather) Daddy” permits “boys” to receive care and direction while they navigate their brand new queer identities.

In Leatherdyke Heritage

When queer women and trans people
found a home from inside the leather area
(Samois, initial lesbian S/M team in the usa, was created in 1978), they adopted Daddy/boy and Daddy/girl connections, also. In
“Leatherdyke Boys and Their Daddies: Just How To Have Sex Without Females Or Guys,”
C. Jacob Hales describes, “…’leatherdyke males’ are xxx lesbian (dyke) females exactly who embody a particular selection of masculinities intelligible within queer fabric (SM) communities; their ‘daddies’ could be butch leatherdykes or, less frequently, homosexual leathermen.”

In 1992, the S/M group The Outcasts managed the initial Dyke Daddy competition in San Francisco. In

Dagger: On Butch Females

, Dyke Daddy winner B.C. Cliver states, “I don’t believe dyke daddies tend to be a fad. In my opinion of it much more as another facet of ladies’ sex which is ultimately arrived at the top. The feelings happened to be constantly truth be told there, just now there’s a label for them. ‘Daddy’ is closer to whom I am than ‘Mistress.”

Such as the daddies explained in Hale’s post and the daddies of early Black lesbian culture, Cliver’s father identity is associated with masculine sex appearance, and it’s also tied to caregiving. “Part of it is becoming a butch top,” Cliver mentioned. “But being a daddy means there’s lots of pain included. Maybe it permits butch dykes provide the type of nuturing you’ll as a mother.”

For the 21st Century

Today, “daddy” is employed both within and not in the fabric neighborhood. “Daddy” might refer to a top/Dom, a guide, or a nice-looking (usually more mature or dominating) person of every sex or direction. Additionally, it is an enjoyable title to toss into role play or BDSM. Into the LGBTQ+ area, you can find femme daddies, trans daddies, butch daddies, bear daddies, leather-based daddies, plus. In recent times, the phrase “daddy” is appearing repeatedly onscreen,
in the news
, and — correct to the roots —  in songs, generally by Black women.

Additionally discover the term all over Autostraddle in posts like,
“View Through The Top: Daddy,”
“Find Your match: The Non-binary Queer Ready to end up being a Femme Daddy,”
“Mommi Will Be The Unique Daddy,”
“Hoochie Daddy Shorts, Discussed,”
“Is Carol Mommi or Daddy?”,
and you will also have heard of different spelling: “Daddi.”

Some tips about what Their Excellency,
Dark Queer Dom
has got to state in regards to the history and cultural context for this spelling:

“Daddi with an ‘i’ uses a long collection of dark genderqueer and trans people producing places between language for our identities. Very similar to the phrase ‘Boi,’ ‘Daddi’ references a specific space of genderqueer maleness which imbued using power of Blackness. I imagined I was the only person using it until We met
Jae Rice
, a DJ and activist from Chicago. ‘Daddi’ is naturally genderqueer and rooted in the Ebony knowledge.”

In Their Own Words

I desired to learn more about the ways queer females and trans people are presently utilizing the term “dadd(y/i),” therefore I attained off to a handful of daddies attain some viewpoint. This is what they had to state:

“in my experience, getting a father is mostly about caretaking. I thrive in that vibrant, showing up for people psychologically and literally. It is a whole lot much deeper than just gender, though which an enormous piece of father identification. I give consideration to my self a 24/7 daddy for your preceding explanations, and as far as intimate content material goes, it really is my personal kink identification aswell. Kink and sex commonly usually intertwined, but also for all of those contexts, becoming a daddy helps make me personally feel positive and pleased. Taking care of some one during a scene, even when its vicious as hell, is so gratifying. To me, being a daddy is approximately reinventing and reimagined masculine caretaking energy, there’s countless levels to that.”

— Cj (aka

“i am beachy during the day and Leather Daddy by night. I enjoy getting a character known as ‘Daddy Rey.’ permits me to feel empowered. Becoming a Dominant allows me have my girls practice it of soon after rules and being on their best conduct. If they’re naughty, I have to utilize punishment to improve disobedience. This form of me personally gets thrilled because I get to wear leather shorts and my personal refined military shoes in public places. These spots are usually queer kink dungeon areas.”


“My queerness and manliness tend to be intrinsically connected to being a a Daddi — they have already been. Caretaking, chivalry, discipline, power, safety, and control all are deeply inserted in good Daddies. I have been a gentleman since I have ended up being a little girl. It is also the things I was raised around — old school butches and Masculine of Center folx whom produced space for my tender strength to flourish. Its in which I found myself. This coupled with getting a life mentor and mentor (in my own day to day work) developed the best storm in my situation to become a Dominant Daddi.

Even though many individuals determine as Daddies in a sexual framework (therefore we love to view it!), you will find a significant difference in becoming a Dominant Daddi or professional Daddi. Intimate Daddies are usually covers. They enjoy offering sexually plus the energy play of need. Being a Daddi reaches my personal core, plus in a kinky framework, it requires huge discipline and is sold with significant amounts of duty. As a Daddi, Im in charge of another person’s wellness — their unique development and training as a submissive. Superior myth about kink/BDSM is that it is purely sexual. It really is a place of power trade and launch. Relating to dark kink, it’s actually a powerful recovery modality — the one that I grab great pleasure in providing to Ebony ladies.”

— Their Unique Excellency,
Black Queer Dom

I am witnessing lots of parallels here. For these people, their own dadd(y/i) identities tend to be tied to dominance in a BDSM framework, caregiving, and maleness. However these are just three dadd(y/i)s, and like almost every other phrase I’ve identified up to now within this collection, “dadd(y/i)” can mean different things to several communities and folks. How do you use the word “daddy?” Reveal when you look at the remarks!

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